THE Equestrian Catalog

is the Ultimate Equestrian Shopping Experience

Created by riders for riders. THE Equestrian Catalog is a National Publication uniquely designed to showcase your favorite products, What’s Hot and what’s trending from the finest stores and brands all in one place!

As well as behind the scenes editorials on riders, fashion, and Horses! What are you looking for? What do you dream of having? We have it all!



I would like to formally introduce myself to any of you who might not know me, and acquaint all of you with my new equestrian publication, THE Equestrian Catalog. I have 16 years of experience in publishing. I Started while I was studying at USD where I got my BA in Business and Communication. I have learned everything from the ground up. That includes what to do, and probably more importantly, what not to do. After working for several publications and running others, I have put all of my expertise into the launch of THE Equestrian Catalog. Being fully aware that there are many equestrian publications out there to choose from, I wanted to bring a unique quality to this magazine, that was and is very important to me.

We want to make sure advertisers get the most out of their choice to advertise with us, and want to create initiatives to drive business to their website. We also intend to increase sales for them with a catalog and equestrian shopping approach. Not only on Print, but also with online presence!

We will have an extended amount of Catalog pages in the magazine for THE ULTIMATE EQUESTRIAN SHOPPING EXPERIENCE! There will also be unique editorials that will keep readers engaged and updated, and coverage of important events. All of this will be done in an elegant way utilizing top-notch production, design and distribution.

We would like to thank Classic Equine for providing the background shot of the cover, Spanish photographer Paloma Fernandez and model Nikita at Model Team Glasgow for providing the image for our rst cover. In our breakthrough issue you will nd an interview with Paloma, an editorial on Quirky horse winners as well As Top riders answering questions on Overcoming Fears when riding, among other interesting reads!

I am thrilled to be able to create what I believe I do best in the form of this publication, and what I like to do the most; be around horses! Both myself and my Business Partner and good friend, Myra Bishop strongly believe in always giving back and therefore a percentage of our sales for every issue will go to a horse rescue!

Thank you to everyone for their willingness to contribute to this first issue, and for all of the support I have received.

I strongly believe that it is the love of the horse that unites us all, and for that I am grateful!

Annie Tame

Founder, CEO


Founder, CEO

Annie Tame

Co Founder, COO

Myra Bishop

Editor in Chief

Barbara Pinella

Marketing Coordinator

Mari Gromkowski

Art Director

Oscar Pola


Elizabeth Fabila

Sales Team

Samantha Laurie

Sales Team

Justine De Mayo